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How To Make Owning A Hybrid Easier

In recent years, the popularity of hybrid vehicles has exploded. The number of hybrid owners has also increased. This is due, in part, to their impressive fuel economy and lower emissions when compared to traditional gas-powered cars. If you're one of the many people who are considering purchasing a hybrid vehicle, there are a few reasons why you should What... Read More

Differences Between The Karma Revero And GS-6

In today's market, there are so many choices when it comes to luxury electric cars. Two of the most popular options are the Karma Revero and the Karma GS 6 introduced by Fisker Karma automotive. Both cars offer a lot of features that appeal to luxury car buyers, but there are some key differences between them. Take a look at some of the most important... Read More

Karma GS-6 For Sale Now

Are you looking for a high-end luxury car? If so, the Karma cars are perfect for you! This car has a 6-liter engine and hybrid technology, making it one of the most efficient cars on the market. It also comes with all of the luxury features that you would expect in a premium vehicle. Karma GS-6 Impressive Performance The Karma GS-6 was first introduced... Read More

Outlook For Hybrid Cars In 2022 And Beyond

It's no secret that hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Many experts believe that the market for electric and hybrid vehicles will only continue to grow in the years to come. So what can we expect from the hybrid car market in 2022 and beyond? Let's take a look at some of the most exciting new developments on the horizon! How... Read More

Karma GS-6 Exterior Design Features

The Karma GS-6 is a work of art of sports models. From the sleek, aerodynamic curves to the luxurious interior, this car was designed with one purpose in mind: to provide performance and luxury at the same time. The exterior design features are sure to impress, with a sporty look and feel that is sure to turn heads. From the aggressive look of luxury... Read More

Used Karma Revero For Sale

Looking for a Used Karma Revero? You've come to the right place. We have all the information you need about the Karma Revero and details on the available inventory of Used Reveros near you. The Karma Revero is a luxury electric car that was released in 2017. If you're looking for a high-end electric car, the Revero is a great option. Hybrid Electric... Read More

OEM Parts for Karma Vehicles: Get the Right Parts from the Right Place

When it comes to Karma OEM parts, getting the right parts from the right place is essential. That's why it's important to visit a Karma dealership for all of your OEM part needs. Our Parts Center has everything you need to keep your Karma vehicle in perfect condition. We carry a wide range of parts and accessories, so we're sure to have what you need.... Read More

Karma GS-6: The Brand's New Flagship Model

As we all know, Karma is coming out with a new flagship model soon. It's been in the works for a while and we've seen some leaked images of it. But what do we know about it? We decided to do some digging and put together all of the information we could find on the Karma GS-6. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this upcoming luxury... Read More

Performance Benefits of Hybrid Cars

At Karma Westfield, we know that many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and hybrid cars are a great way to do this. Hybrid vehicles use electricity generated by the car's engine or braking system in addition to its gasoline-powered engine. This means that they emit less pollution than conventional vehicles, which is something... Read More

Is a Hybrid Car Right For You?

If you're in the market for a new car, it's natural to be considering a hybrid. But what do you need to know before deciding on one? In this blog post, we'll explore some of the pros and cons of hybrids so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are right for you. 1. What is a hybrid car? A hybrid car is any vehicle that... Read More

New Karma Revero GT for Sale at Karma of Westfield

The 2020 Karma Revero GT was named Green Car Journal’s 2020 Luxury Green Car of the Year™ for blending its environmental performance with high levels of luxury and an exceptional driving experience. The high-profile award, which was announced during the Washington Auto Show’s Policy Day in Washington, D.C., recognizes environmental achievement... Read More

Official Luxury Vehicle of the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium

Karma Automotive and the Las Vegas Raiders announced today that Karma has been named the “Official Luxury Vehicle of the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium.” “As one of the most prestigious franchises in not just all of professional football, but the world, the Raiders and Allegiant Stadium are an ideal partner for Karma,” said Karma... Read More

Comparing Hybrid and Electric Cars

Over the last decade, hybrid and electric car technology has made tremendous progress. Today, owning and driving an electric car is easier than ever. Thanks to the latest innovations, these vehicles now continue to increase in popularity. Thousands of drivers make the switch every year. Now, more automakers than ever have created innovative electric... Read More

Karma Automotive Debuts First Club Car

Current vehicles produced under contract manufacturing agreement with Ayro. Today, the Karma Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) revealed the first Club Car Current vehicles being produced under a contract manufacturing agreement with AYRO, Inc. (NASDAQ: AYRO). These light-duty electric vehicles (EVs) fill the gap between full-sized trucks... Read More

Discover the Only Karma Dealership in New Jersey

Karma Automotive believes the future of driving looks different. It is a future where hybrid cars can still provide drivers with competitive luxury and performance. A belief that style and function can compliment one another. These cars go beyond what was thought possible for electric vehicles. Instead, they are built for the present and ready for the... Read More

Seven Reasons to Drive a Hybrid Vehicle

By now, hybrid vehicles are nothing new. Technology has improved steadily over the past couple of decades. At this point, many hybrid models can match or exceed the performance capabilities of cars with fuel-powered engines. Today, the list of reasons to drive a hybrid car is longer than ever before. Drivers can expect numerous benefits when they... Read More

The Brand-New Karma GS-6

Karma Automotive is a global leader in electric car innovations. Since its inception, Karma has developed new ways to create more efficient vehicles that drive great. With the upcoming release of the GS-6, Karma has taken its next step towards toward the future of driving. The brand-new Karma GS-6 marks the automaker’s most practical vehicle to date.... Read More

Karma Automotive Celebrates Initial Production Run of 2021 GS-6 Luxury Sedan with Three Custom Design Themes

Southern California-based automaker Karma Automotive today announced the creation of three custom GS-6 vehicle variants with unique tactile branding themes and performance upgrades to commemorate the initial production run of its 2021 GS-6 extended range electric vehicle. California Design Theme These GS-6 sedans pay homage to the state of California,... Read More

Karma Automotive Launches GS-6 Series, Driving Consumer Passion For Electric Vehicles In "New Luxury" Segment

The next evolution of sophisticated luxury is here with the introduction of the GS-6 Series from Karma Automotive, a southern California-based producer of luxury electric vehicles. The first model to be produced in the new series is called the GS-6, and while it will retain the same exotic design of the award-winning Revero GT®, it will be offered... Read More

Karma Automotive Announces First All-Electric Vehicle and New GS Series Name

Karma Automotive today announced it will be introducing a new name for a family of vehicles in 2021 called the GS Series. The lineup will include updated electrification options, technological advancements and Karma’s first-ever battery electric (BEV) luxury sedan. To facilitate orders, Karma created a new pre-reservation order site which is now... Read More

Karma Automotive Elevates Award Winning Revero GT Nameplate to Make Way For GS-6 Series Vehicles

Karma Automotive today announced the future plans for the award-winning Karma Revero® GT, which will see the popular nameplate elevated to become the brand’s halo vehicle slotted above the upcoming 2021 GS-6 Series. The Revero GT model is estimated to feature more than 1,100hp and 4-wheel drive, as well as demonstrating the pinnacle of hand-crafted,... Read More

Karma Automotive and Blue World Technologies to Collaborate on Fuel Cell Propulsion System

Blue World Technology’s fuel cell system will be integrated with Karma Automotive’s electric vehicle architecture and piloted in GS-6 development vehicles for evaluation purposes. Testing and validation will take place in the United States and Denmark over the next few months. An electric vehicle powered by methanol fuel cells provides the same... Read More

Karma Revero GT

A New Dawn Rising Looking for an electric car with the elegant features and comfort of a luxury vehicle? How about one with performance standards that stack up against the world’s best? If so, discover the Karma Revero GT. The brand’s most advanced luxury electric car to date, its designed with an emphasis on the driver’s enjoyment. Inside, the... Read More

Karma GT by Pininfarina

Inspirational Spirit Cutting edge electric technology. Distinguished Italian design. The Karma GT by Pininfarina marries both to create a vehicle both stylish and revolutionary. With this car, there is no need to compromise engineering and performance for sleek style. A vehicle for those who want to surpass simple expectations. Convention does not... Read More

Karma Revero

Conspicuous Without All The Consumption Introducing a car that delivers the satisfying drive of a luxury vehicle with performance that exceeds expectations. The Karma Revero GT is the brand’s most capable electric vehicle to date, designed to deliver an exceptional driving experience. This vehicle rivals the technical specs of high-end vehicles while... Read More

Karma Revero GTS

Performance Art Has Arrived Discover the surprising power of the Karma Revero GTS. With superior performance and distinctive elegance, the Reverto GTS pushes limits and sets new standards. Karma presents the future of luxury electric vehicles. Equipped with the latest technology, the Revero GTS builds upon the capabilities of its predecessors. The... Read More

Karma Service in North Jersey

Karma sets a higher standard for luxury electric vehicles. At Karma Summit, we take pride in setting a high standard for ourselves as well. As New Jersey’s top brand experts, we know these cars better than anybody. Discover how Karma vehicles combine power and luxury. We will keep your car running smooth long after you purchase it with our dedicated... Read More