The Brand-New Karma GS-6

Karma Automotive is a global leader in electric car innovations. Since its inception, Karma has developed new ways to create more efficient vehicles that drive great. With the upcoming release of the GS-6, Karma has taken its next step towards toward the future of driving. The brand-new Karma GS-6 marks the automaker’s most practical vehicle to date. Engineers implemented the latest technology to make sure this Karma vehicle achieves outstanding performance metrics.

Marking a new era for the brand, the GS-6 promises to build on the success of Karma’s previous models. In this car, drivers will find a bold new standard for luxury electric cars. Detailed inside and out, the expert craftmanship and engineering is evident. As a result, the GS-6 provides drivers with the most pleasurable driving experience of any Karma to date. Learn more about the GS-6 and express your interest today at Karma Summit.

A Brief History of Karma Automotive

One of the up-and-coming automakers in the electric vehicle sector, Karma has produced luxury cars since 2015. The California-based company has committed to manufacturing electric cars that emphasize performance and comfort. Karma vehicles contain many technological features and innovations. Drivers will find that Karma presents the best of both worlds in terms of sustainability and driving potential.

In 2016, Karma debuted its first production model, the Revero. The award-winning luxury sedan became the basis for the next few years as Karma steadily upgraded the Revero. Karma’s flagship model, the automaker added the Revero GT to its lineup a few years later as an extended-range option. The Revero showcased Karma’s tremendous potential, receiving praise for its abilities on the road.

The Karma GS-6: A Brand-New Chapter

New for 2021, the GS line is set to pick up where the Revero left off. Building off the success of its predecessor, the brand-new Karma GS-6 keeps the same elements that helped the Revero excel. This premium electric car can compete with the finest vehicles in the world. A superb example of luxury meeting power, the GS-6 is as well-rounded as electric vehicles come.

There are three options available for the GS-6: Standard, sport, and luxury model. Each one suits a different class of driver. The GS-6 boasts unprecedented practicality for a Karma vehicle. Meanwhile, the Sport class comes with an emphasis on power and performance. Finally, the Luxury GS-6 features a gorgeous and comfortable interior.

Same Great Engineering at a More Competitive Price

As the Revero’s successor, the GS-6 maintains the best features of previous Karmas and has refined others. However, it all comes at a more accessible price tag. The GS-6 starts at an average of about $60,000 less than the Revero. This makes the innovation of Karma even more practical for a wider audience. It all comes with the same trusted engineering and impressive experience of the Revero.

Electric-Powered Performance

Of the GS-6’s capabilities, most impressive is its 80-mile pure-electric driving range. When that distance is surpassed, the 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine helps the GS-6 reach a total range of 360 miles. That is not to suggest its other specifications underwhelm. Dual electric motors generate 536 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. It is also quick from a standstill, accelerating from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

Compared to other hybrid electric vehicles, the GS-6 stands out as particularly convenient. That is because, with a fast-charging station, it can reach about 90% capacity in around half an hour. With this rapid charging ability and impressive range, using electric power becomes increasingly practical. Simply put, few other automakers can match Karma in this respect.

A Thrilling, Customizable Drive

Although Karma’s innovations may steal the spotlight, the GS-6 makes sure to maintain a human-focused approach to driving. At the core of all the technology, is a deeply passionate driving heart. When creating the GS-6, Karma did not forget that drivers primarily value a vehicle’s on-road performance.

When behind the wheel of the GS-6, drivers will note its impressive handling. It is nimble through the corners, satisfying even the pickiest of enthusiasts. On the open road, it can cruise for miles, always smooth and in control.

To tailor the drive for any circumstance, choose between three drive modes. Stealth mode operates on fully electric power. Sustain is used to get the most out of the GS-6’s battery. For performance driving, there is also Sport mode.

Karma’s Signature Luxury

Inside the brand-new Karma GS-6 is the same standard of comfort and luxury so strongly associated with the Revero. It is trimmed with high-quality materials no matter what option is chosen. For information and entertainment, drivers will find a convenient touch screen display. Simple yet highly effective, the cabin allows both driver and passengers to enjoy the ride comfortably.

The First Step Towards the Future

Moving on for now from the Revero, the GS-6 marks the next chapter for Karma Automotive. This model will introduce the brand to many new drivers while positioning the automaker for future success. In the years to come, expect Karma to expand its lineup. They have already described their desire to bring the Revero back with lofty performance capabilities. Plus, new vehicle classes also appear to be on the horizon. It is all leading to Karma’s goal of soon releasing its first all-electric car.

Made for Innovators

The Karma GS-6 is the perfect vehicle for those who enjoy the cutting edge. Get an early glimpse at what the future of driving looks like. This car is no average vehicle. It is an innovator, well ahead of its time. The GS-6 boasts strong performance and the latest technology. See what makes this car stand out. Express your interest today and become among the first to experience the brand-new Karma GS-6.

Learn More About the GS-6 at Karma Summit

For the best place to learn more about Karma Automotive, explore Karma Summit. We are New Jersey’s official Karma dealership. We know more about this brand than anybody. Our team has all the knowledge to help get you behind the wheel. Let us help you discover more about this great, emerging automaker. We can help you schedule a test drive and create a financial plan that works for you. Plus, after you are officially a proud Karma owner, nobody beats our fantastic servicing technicians.

To learn more about the brand-new Karma GS-6, contact Karma Summit today. Inquire for further details or express your interest. It is easy to get in touch. Simply contact us online or call us at 210-639-7755.

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