Karma GT by Pininfarina

Inspirational Spirit

Cutting edge electric technology. Distinguished Italian design. The Karma GT by Pininfarina marries both to create a vehicle both stylish and revolutionary. With this car, there is no need to compromise engineering and performance for sleek style. A vehicle for those who want to surpass simple expectations. Convention does not restrict this Karma GT. Instead, the latest in electric vehicle technology meets graceful design to create something truly timeless. For a vehicle that excels in providing simple luxury, look no further. Learn more about the Karma GT by Pininfarina at Karma of Summit.

Thanks to a collaboration with Pininfarina, the Karma GT is immediately recognizable. The inspiration is clear, and the vehicle implements world-renowned Italian design standards. While paying homage to classic vehicles, the car still contains all the latest technology and engineering. The Karma GT takes timeless styling and combines it with modern vision. A compilation of graceful curves, fluid lines, and a defining profile creates a unique, distinctive body. Unmistakable, the Karma GT by Pininfarina successfully establishes a visual identity all its own.

Timeless Beauty

Along with Pinifarina’s Italian influence, the GT makes good use of Karma’s California inspiration. The car has an all-electric range of 65 miles thanks to a 28-kilowatt-hour battery pack. A turbocharged 3-cylinder engine from BMW handles the rest. As a result, the Karma GT packs a punch and impresses with its quickness. It produces 536 horsepower and accelerates to 60 miles per hour in under 4 hours. While Pinifarina handled design, Karma made the car excelled in its performance capabilities. Like any luxury sports car should, the Karma GT catches eyes with its elegance and driving prowess.

Drivers will also appreciate the attention given to the Karma GT’s interior. Here once again, the design stems from a philosophy of simple beauty. The minimalist design allows each luxurious detail to command attention. This coupe’s long doors allow for a comfortable ride in the front row of the GT. For practicality, two seats remain in the back row. Also, the digital display keeps the driver updated and informed about the status of their ride.

Awakening The Soul

Sophisticated engineering, simple beauty. A convergence of California innovation and Italian class creates the distinctive Karma GT by Pinifarina. This vehicle transcends modern. It’s timeless. Created to set performance and design standards for electric vehicles to come. Ideal for those who want to make a statement without raising their voice. Discover the distinctive Karma GT by Pinifarina today. Contact Karma Summit for more information.

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