Comparing Hybrid and Electric Cars

Over the last decade, hybrid and electric car technology has made tremendous progress. Today, owning and driving an electric car is easier than ever. Thanks to the latest innovations, these vehicles now continue to increase in popularity. Thousands of drivers make the switch every year. Now, more automakers than ever have created innovative electric vehicles. With the future for hybrid cars looking bright, you may want to learn more about these vehicles. At Karma Summit, we know hybrid and electric driving. Karma Automotive creates some of the most gorgeous and capable hybrid cars. When comparing hybrid and electric cars, keep this information from Karma Summit in mind.

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Why Drive a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle?

Since the invention of the car, driving has remained mostly unchanged. Not until the first hybrid vehicles hit the market did a viable solution to traditional internal combustion engines exist. At first, hybrid driving did have some drawbacks However, electric vehicle technology improved considerably in the 2010s. Now, hundreds of thousands of drivers have seen the difference driving a hybrid car makes.

Today, drivers have many compelling reasons to choose a hybrid or electric vehicle. Driving a hybrid can make a significant practical impact on a driver’s life. For example, owners spend less time at the pump with increased driving ranges. Electric vehicles are more practical than ever with the increased presence of charging stations. Lastly, many automakers are shifting their focus to electric cars. As the vehicle of the future, many top models now feature hybrid or EV versions.

Types of Hybrids: Traditional vs Plug-In

Currently, two main hybrid categories exist. First, traditional hybrids, which solely use gasoline. From a practical standpoint, these act similarly to most vehicles. Rather than only using a gasoline engine, however, they also feature an electric motor which allows for more efficient fuel usage. This type of hybrid is great for first-time owners who are used to driving a non-hybrid vehicle.

Secondly, in addition to a traditional hybrid, many automakers offer plug-in hybrids. These cars have the added advantage of an all-electric range. With this, you can avoid using any gasoline during the daily commute in most instances. Still, the gasoline capabilities mean it can work for longer trips as well.

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How Electric Vehicles Work

Along with hybrid cars, recent technology has created increasingly powerful and practical electric vehicles. These cars require no gasoline at all. Instead, they run solely on electric power. When Comparing hybrid and electric cars, some significant differences become clear. Most notably, the charging. Because EVs can not stop at a gas station, they require a charger. These are found either at home or in designated locations.

Electric vehicles appeal mainly to environmentally conscious consumers. Most EV drivers want to embrace the latest technology and reduce their emissions. Switching to an electric car might be the right move for drivers who want to get the first-hand experience with driving’s future. Furthermore, EVs tend to feature some of the latest technology making the ride even better.

Advantages of a Hybrid Car

Driving a hybrid, as the name implies, often presents the best of both worlds. Drivers can enjoy the perks of an electric battery while also having the convenience of a gas-powered motor. This flexibility makes it easy for drivers to keep their vehicles running. Hybrids, thanks to their efficiency, typically boast a tremendous driving range. Therefore, hybrids can handle road trips or the daily commute.

Since a plug-in hybrid can use only electricity or petrol, they have even more potential. It is possible to drive a plug-in hybrid to-and-from work without ever using gas. Still, the tank is there when needed. In a plug-in hybrid, drivers don’t have to worry about finding a charging station.

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Advantages of an Electric Vehicle

All Electric Vehicles continue to improve. These cars are no longer a gimmick. Instead, some of the most powerful cars on Earth are purely EVs. Along with their zero emissions, an electric vehicle is a joy to drive. They feature quick, smooth acceleration. Usually, they feature a longer driving range now which can last plenty of time to make it home.

Electric vehicles may cost more than most hybrids, but they do come with some financial benefits. First, electricity costs less on a per-mile scale than gasoline. Secondly, several states offer tax incentives for the purchase of an electric vehicle. In New Jersey, the Zero Emissions Vehicle Tax Exemption excludes use tax and sales tax.

Comparing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Of course, not all hybrid and electric vehicles are the same. They come in a variety of body types including sports cars and SUVs. To find the right hybrid or EV, research is necessary. However, some general similarities and differences exist. In the case of a hybrid, it needs the same upkeep and maintenance on its engine as a regular car. However, repairs for an electric vehicle may cost more since they are less common.

At the time of purchasing, electric vehicles will usually cost more than a comparable hybrid. However, without an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles are easier to maintain. Furthermore, they feature a smoother drive and more impressive performance. One setback is only having electric power means drivers must stay aware of the vehicle’s charge. Therefore, it is always important to keep an EV fully charged when possible.

Karma GS-6

The New Karma GS-6 and GSe-6

With luxury models like the Revero, Karma has become a leader in the hybrid automotive industry. A brand positioning for the future, Karma is creating technology and innovation that will revolutionize driving. Karma vehicles always feature tremendous style, performance, and elegance.

Now, Karma has released its next generation of cars, the GS-6 and the GSe-6. The GS-6 will be the automaker’s most accessible car yet. It features plenty of outstanding engineering at a lower price point. Perfect for daily drivers, the GS-6 hybrid has a 536-horsepower combined output. Its companion model, the GSe-6 will become Karma’s first all-electric vehicle. Marking a milestone for the brand, its standard driving range will reach 230 miles.

About Karma Summit

To learn more about top hybrid and electric vehicles like the GS-6 and GSe-6, come to Karma Summit. We have all the information you need when comparing hybrid and electric cars. Our sales team can help you learn more about Karma’s outstanding vehicles and all the latest technology. Discover one of New Jersey’s leading hybrid dealerships. Schedule a test drive or inquire about Karma vehicles. Contact Karma Summit today.

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